Transfer Credit Policy

It is the policy of UW-Green Bay to accept transfer credits in full compliance with the UW System Board of Regents Transfer Credit Policy.  Some of the basic components of that policy are:

  1. The college or university attended must be accredited by an appropriate accreditation association.
  2. All courses from a baccalaureate granting institution that is not regionally accredited may be eligible for transfer review by an appropriate UW-Green Bay department chair, or if an equivalent department is nonexistent, by an appropriate UW-Green Bay academic dean.
  3. Whenever possible, transfer courses are equated to UW-Green Bay course numbers for equivalent courses.  If there is an equivalent department, but not equivalent course, elective credit associated with the department will be granted.   In such instances, the UW-Green Bay department will be consulted to make a determination whether the transfer elective might be counted toward the major or minor requirements.
  4. Granting of academic credit is the responsibility of the faculty but this function is normally carried out by their designee.
  5. A course designated as fulfilling a general education/breadth requirement at one UW institution should transfer as general education/breadth at the receiving UW institution.  This principle should apply whether or not the receiving institution has a direct course equivalent.

After a student has been admitted as degree seeking, the Office of the Registrar will evaluate completed and in-progress coursework at the time of application.  Upon receipt of a final transcript which includes final grades for courses previously in-progress, the credit evaluation will be completed. See more details in this section.


If you believe that there has been an error or oversight in your credit evaluation, please contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.  In the event of an unresolved disagreement with the evaluation, you will be referred to the appropriate academic chairperson for a second review.  You should be prepared to furnish a course syllabus or a letter of description from the previous institution if you wish to appeal the initial evaluation.  If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached after conferring with the chairperson, you may then appeal that decision to the appropriate academic dean.  The decision of the academic dean shall be considered the final level of appeal.