Grading System and Grade Points

Grade point averages indicate academic and class standing and are a means of measuring the quality of a student’s academic work. Grade point averages are computed on a 4.0 basis. See chart for letter grade point values.

Grade Point Values

Letter Grade Grade Points Per Credit
A Excellent 4.0
AB Very Good 3.5
B Good 3.0
BC Above Average 2.5
C Average 2.0
CD Below Average 1.5
D Poor 1.0
F Unacceptable 0.0
WF Unofficial Withdrawal 0.0
P A "C" grade or better for undergraduate courses No effect
NC No credit, letter grade of less than "C" No effect
U Unsatisfactory Audit No effect
S Satisfactory Audit No effect
N No acceptable report from instructor – temporary grade No effect until an acceptable grade submitted
I Incomplete, temporary grade No effect until removed
DR Dropped Course No effect
W Withdrew No effect
T Transfer Course, pass No effect
PR Progress in graduate thesis or internship, not complete No effect
IP In progress course No effect
(Grade assigned) Academic Forgiveness Applied No effect/Example (F)