Absence and Attendance Policy

Absence and Attendance Policies

Class Attendance

A student is expected to attend all class sessions. Failure to attend class does not alter academic or financial obligations.  If, for any reason, a student is unable to attend classes during the first week of the semester, he or she is responsible for notifying the instructor(s), in writing, of the reason for nonattendance and indicate intentions to complete the course. Failure to attend classes during the first week of the semester may result in an administrative drop by the instructor. Registered students are obligated to pay all fees and penalties as listed on the fee schedule.

Other Attendance Policies

  • Absence due to inclement weather. For more information, see Attendance and the Weather.
  • Absence for funerals or a death in the family. For more information, see Bereavement Policy.
  • Student Religious Beliefs: In accordance with Board of Regents Policy (UWS 22.01), sincerely held religious beliefs shall be reasonably accommodated with respect to all examinations and other academic requirements. Questions should be directed to the Dean of Students; (920) 465-2152
  • Absence due to Disability: UW-Green Bay is committed to providing accommodations for eligible individuals with documented disabilities as defined by federal and state law. Questions should be directed to Student Accessibility Services (920) 465-2481