Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades (I grade)

  • A student who is unable to take a final examination or meet other final coursework due to unusual circumstances may request an incomplete from the instructor.
  • The decision to allow an incomplete is entirely at the discretion of the instructor. It is not a right.
  • If an incomplete is approved by the faculty instructor, the student is granted an extension of time to complete course requirements.
  • An incomplete form must be submitted to the Registrar’s office specifying the terms and conditions of completing the incomplete from the instructor.
  • Incomplete coursework must be finished no later than the end of the subsequent semester.
  • If no final grade is awarded or the work is not completed, the temporary grade is lapsed to a final F grade at the end of the subsequent semester.
  • A student may file petition for an extension of the incomplete deadline if bona fide unanticipated extenuating circumstances prevented compliance with the deadline.
    • The student has serious physical or mental health problems which are documented by statements from a physician or professional counselor.
    • The student has had a death or serious illness in the immediate family and this is documented by a physician’s statement.
    • The course instructor is on leave during the semester for removal.
  • Once an incomplete grade is recorded for a course a student may not, under any circumstances, drop the course.

Incomplete grades for Graduating Students

Students who complete their coursework in December (fall graduates), January (January graduates), May (spring graduates) or August (summer graduates) must have all incomplete grades removed within 42 days following the end of the classes to have their degree conferred in that semester. If this deadline is not met, students will be removed and added to a future semester for degree conferral.