Academic Standing

All students are expected to maintain certain standards of academic achievement while enrolled at the University. The University is concerned about students whose academic achievements indicate that they are not meeting the expectations of their instructors, or who are experiencing other problems that may be interfering with their studies. An academic warning is an advisory notice that a student should take action to improve his or her performance. Probation and strict probation are formal academic actions that document unacceptable performance on the student’s official transcript. An academic suspension action is taken when a student’s achievement record indicates a need to interrupt enrolled status. Official academic actions on part-time students are withheld until they have attempted at least 12 credits at UW-Green Bay.

Good Academic Standing

A student is in good academic standing if the student’s cumulative resident grade point average is 2.00 or greater. Academic standing is reviewed at the end of each academic term. Every student is expected to maintain at least a 2.00 grade point average on all work carried in every term, including summer session. Students who fail to maintain this minimum grade point average will face academic warning, probation, strict probation, or suspension, as specified.

Academic Probation

A student in good standing will be placed on academic probation if he/she earns a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.00 but greater than 1.00. Academic probation is an advisory warning and is not subject to appeal.

Strict Probation

A student will be allowed no more than two consecutive academic terms to remove him/herself from probation. If a student is on probation and earns a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.00 at the end of the probationary term, he/she will be placed on strict probation. A student on strict probation must regain good academic standing by the end of the strict probationary term in order to continue at the University.

Return to Good Standing

A student on probation or strict probation will be cleared of probation at the end of any term in which a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or better is attained.

Academic Suspension

A student will be suspended from the University if he/she fails to achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 at the end of a semester on strict probation or if his/her cumulative grade point average falls below 1.00.

Appeals Process

Academic suspension status may be appealed to the provost’s designee. Appeals must be filed within the deadline specified in the official suspension notification. The action of the provost’s designee may be appealed to the Academic Actions Committee within the deadline specified in the official suspension notification. The decision of the Academic Actions Committee is final. A student who is allowed to continue as a result of an appeal will be placed on suspension waiver, and is subject to any special conditions that may be designated. An academic suspension provides time for a student to give careful thought to the circumstances that resulted in the suspension action. Suspension appeals must include a clear explanation of the circumstances that resulted in inadequate achievement, and a statement explaining how the student proposes to resolve those circumstances.

Students planning to appeal should consider:

  • Are the relevant facts and dates clearly stated and documented?
  • Are the extenuating circumstances cited of an unforeseeable nature?
  • Are relevant recommendations from instructors included, if appropriate?

Readmission Following Academic Suspension

Students who have been suspended may appeal for continued enrollment (see Appeals Process). For students who do not appeal for continued enrollment, or for whom the appeal is denied, the period of the first suspension shall be one regular semester. A student seeking readmission to the University after the expiration of the suspension must make formal application through the Admissions Office. Readmission cannot be guaranteed. A written request for readmission must accompany formal re-application to the University. A student who is readmitted after suspension will be placed on suspension waiver. If a student is readmitted and fails to regain good academic standing after re-admittance, a second suspension will be incurred. The second suspension shall be for a period of two regular semesters.