Academic Advising

The academic advising process at UW-Green Bay is designed to maximize students’ educational potential through communication and information exchanges with an adviser; these exchanges are ongoing, individualized, multifaceted, and the responsibility of both student and adviser. Advising is assumed to be a developmental, decision-making process that assists students in the clarification of their life/career goals and the completion of educational plans for the realization of those goals. The adviser serves as a facilitator and coordinator of student learning through educational planning and academic progress review, and an agent of referral to other campus programs and services as necessary. Academic advising is a joint effort of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.

Upon admission, all undergraduate students will be assigned to a professional advisor in the Office of Academic Advising. This professional advisor specializes in advising for the student’s chosen program(s) and supports student exploration of other programs offered at the university. Students will typically remain assigned to the same professional advisor from admission through graduation. The student’s assigned professional advisor and contact information is available in the student’s SIS (Student Information System) account.