Course Requisites


Requisites indicate the minimum level of proficiency or background knowledge needed to successfully achieve course objectives. Requisites are enforced, included in the course descriptions and are indicated in the Schedule of Classes by the designation P.

Recommended courses:

Recommended courses are typically lower-level courses that students are advised to complete prior to enrolling in a course. They are advisory (i.e., not enforced), so students may enroll without completing prior recommended courses, but they do so at their own risk. Recommended prior courses are indicated in the course descriptions by the designation REC.

Course registration restrictions (other than requisites):

Course can have other restrictions preventing enrollment.

Closed course:

no seats are available


seats are held for a certain period of time for students in a certain class level, student group or major/minor

Time conflict:

two courses delivered at the same time


student must gain instructor or department consent to enroll


In performance courses requiring an audition, students are responsible for making their own arrangements for the audition before classes begin.