Repeat Policy

Repeating a Course

Repeating Courses for Credit

Courses can be repeated for credit only if they are officially designated as repeatable due to the nature of the course content. Performance courses in Music, Studio Arts courses or courses designated with differing topics are examples.

Courses that have been repeated for credit are recorded on the student’s transcript with the phrase Course has been Repeated after the course listing on the transcript.

Faculty members may not grant individual waivers for students to repeat a course for credit when the course is not already designated as repeatable in the college catalog. Creating a repeatable course can be accomplished via the course/curriculum change processes on an annual basis.

Repeating Courses to Improve a Grade

Courses can also be repeated to improve the grade received. If a course is repeated, the original attempt will still appear on the transcript with the grade earned. However, the grade received after the course is repeated will be used to determine the credit earned; attempted credits, grade points earned, and grade point average both for the term and cumulatively.

If a course is transferred in and then repeated at UW-Green Bay, the grade received when taken at UW-Green Bay will be used to determine the credits earned, attempted credits, grade points earned, and grade point average both for the term and cumulatively. The original transfer course and grade will no longer count toward degree requirements or total credits earned toward a degree. A course can only count once.

If a course is taken at UW-Green Bay, and then repeated at another institution and transferred to UW-Green Bay, the credits earned and grade received for the course taken at UW-Green Bay is still used to calculate the cumulative GPA, cumulative attempted credits, grade points earned and grade point average. The transfer course grade can, however be used to satisfy degree or course prerequisite requirements but the credits earned will not count toward the credits required for a degree.

The University does not guarantee the right to retake any course. Courses may be deactivated, discontinued, or offered on a different schedule.

Based on federal regulations which went into effect July 1, 2011, some repeat coursework may be excluded when evaluating a student’s credit load as it relates to federal and/or state financial aid eligibility. If not designated as a repeatable course, students may have aid reduced. In general, for financial aid purposes, students are allowed to repeat a course for which a passing grade was previously received ONE additional time, with financial aid eligibility. Students may repeat the course after that, but those attempts would not be eligible for funding by federal or state financial aid programs.