Grade Point Average (GPA)

A numerical value derived from dividing the number of grade points earned by the number of credits attempted on a regular grade basis. P-NC, incomplete, grades removed by repeat and audit grades and transfer credits have no effect on grade point average. Only those courses attempted at UW-Green Bay are included in a student’s grade point average. Transfer grades may be used to compute eligibility for admission to certain programs/majors.

Example of GPA for a Semester

Course Grade Credits Grade Points
ART 105 A 3 12
MATH 104 BC 4 10
GERMAN 102 C 4 08
WF 100 C 3 06
Total 11 30

(An A is equal to 4 grade points, a B is equal to 3, and so forth. Three credits earning an A grade equals 12 points.)
30 divided by 11 equals 2.72 grade point average.