Undergraduates Who Want to Enroll in Graduate-Level Courses

This policy is intended to establish guidelines by which UWGB undergraduate-level students can enroll in UWGB graduate courses. It is not intended to replace any other policies or procedures regarding the taking of classes, tuition, and segregated fees. It is also not intended to replace the admissions process for Graduate Certificate programs, which require proof that a bachelor's degree has been conferred prior to admission. 

  • Students must submit a UW System Application for Graduate Special Status (non-degree seeking): apply.wisconsin.edu
  • Students must gain permission from instructor to enroll in the course using the Course Registration/Late Add form by clicking here.
  • Enrollment and permission to enter graduate-level courses is not guaranteed and may not be granted if student has not yet completed their Bachelor's degree.
  • If student is admitted as a graduate special student and permission is granted for enrollment the Registrar's office will contact student to confirm enrollment or provide further instruction if permission is denied. If the student has questions they should email the Student Service Center at ssc@uwgb.edu.
  • Course tuition and fees are assessed based on the level of the course taken.
  • Graduate credits can satisfy undergraduate degree course requirements through the established University substitution process.
  • Course data is annotated on the transcript by level of course.

*The university maintains some institutional international partnerships which follow a separate process for application and enrollment guidelines for graduate programs.  The most updated list of approved partnerships and their stipulations is maintained and administered by the Office of International Education. If you believe you are attending at UWGB under one of these specific partnerships, please contact the Office of International Education for confirmation of your status and assistance in enrolling in graduate courses.