Individualized Course Instruction

Universal Expectations

  • Regular semester add and drop deadlines apply to these enrollments.
  • Approved forms must be submitted in the semester the learning experiences are taking place; students will not be retroactively added to these learning experiences.
  • Faculty must file syllabi and include appropriate information such as student learning outcomes, time commitments for work, additional requirements for placement including, but not limited to, criminal background checks, medical testing (such as tuberculosis test) or other requirements outlined by a third party human resources department or site supervisor.
  • Courses cannot be used to replace existing courses.
  • For each credit earned there will be a weekly amount of hours worked in the learning experience as a minimum expectation. For each credit in the classroom, one hour of instruction plus two hours of outside work is expected with each course. Courses run for fifteen weeks in a given semester (14 weeks of instruction plus a finals week); thus the formula for a week’s work is 3 hours times 15 weeks equals 45 weekly hours.

Specific conditions or limitations apply to the type of learning experience in addition to the universal expectations.