Petition Process for Late Drop or Withdrawal

  1. Petitions can be submitted online or in person. All petitions with appropriate documentation will be evaluated and acted on in a timely manner by the Enrollment Review Committee.
  2. Petitions for late drops or withdrawals may be approved if one of these extenuating circumstances occurs and can be documented. The extenuating circumstance must occur within the semester the drop or withdrawal is being requested.
    1. The student has serious mental or physical health problems verified by a statement from a physician or professional counselor.
    2. There is a death or prolonged serious illness in the immediate family, verified by an obituary, a physician’s statement, or other independent, official source.
    3. The student receives orders being called to military service and cannot return for the semester.  Supporting documentation is required.
  3. Petition to drop a course or completely withdraw from the University MUST be submitted prior to the last day of the semester that is being petitioned.