Course Adds

Add one or more courses to a schedule and/or change course load.

Course Adds during the First Two Weeks1 (Semester-long courses at UW-Green Bay)

Enrolled students are able to add individual regular, 14-week semester-long courses during the first two weeks of the fall/spring semester with no academic grade assigned and no financial penalty2. Please check the Registration Calendar for these deadline dates.

Late Course Adds (Semester-long courses at UW-Green Bay)

  • Week 3 to last day of classes: Students must submit a faculty-approved Late Add form. Students will be assessed a late add fee for each course.
  • Students are not able late add courses once final examinations have begun for the semester.


  1. Summer sessions, January Interim and courses less than 14 weeks have shorter add deadlines. Please check the Registration Calendar for summer or January interim course deadlines.
  2. Collaborative programs offered at UW-Green Bay have different start and end dates of the semester which means the add deadlines or financial deadlines may differ than described above.