Undergraduates Seeking Enrollment in Undergraduate-Graduate Consortia Accelerated Programs

This policy is intended to establish guidelines by which UWGB undergraduate-level students can enroll in graduate courses at non-UWGB institutions. It is not intended to replace any other policies or procedures regarding the taking of classes, tuition, and segregated fees.

  • This policy only applies to programs for which UWGB and one or more partner institutions have formally enter into an Agreement for an Accelerated Degree Program (the “ADP”). For a list of formal partnerships falling under this policy, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at gradstu@uwgb.edu.
  • Interested undergraduate students must receive official acceptance into a desired consortia accelerated program.
  • Students must have at least junior standing to apply, although standing requirements for individual programs may be more restrictive.
  • Students must have completed at least one full-time semester’s coursework at UWGB.
  • Students must carry a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher.
  • Students must submit a graduate application for admission as a non-degree seeking student (Graduate Special status).
  • Students must also gain permission from the UWGB instructor to enroll in the course using the Course Registration/Late Add form by clicking here.
  • Enrollment and permission to enter graduate-level courses is not guaranteed and may not be granted if student has not yet completed their Bachelor's degree.
  • Admitted students enroll at the graduate level in select graduate courses. Admitted accelerated students are eligible to enroll in up to a maximum of 12 graduate credits prior to obtaining their Bachelor’s degree, although individual programs may allow fewer.
  • Course tuition and fees are assessed based on the level of the course taken.
  • Graduate credits can satisfy undergraduate degree course requirements through the established University substitution process.
  • Course data is annotated on the transcript by level of course.
  • Please note that seeking a graduate degree while still an undergraduate may have financial aid implications. Undergraduate students applying for graduate programs should consult with the Office of Financial Aid prior to accepting an offer of admission. Any undergraduate students enrolled in a graduate degree program may not be eligible to request a continuance of their federal financial aid beyond their eighth semester of study. Furthermore, students will not be eligible for any undergraduate financial aid after the completion of their undergraduate degree requirements; thereinafter the student would only eligible for graduate loans if classified as a graduate student. Students are not classified as graduate students until they have successfully completed their undergraduate degree program.