Credit Load

Credit load is the total amount of credits a student is enrolled in at a given time in a term, for example, after initial registration or at the end of a semester. All credits, regardless of grading status, count toward credit load for certain purposes.

Maximum Credit Load

A student in good standing may register for a maximum of 15 credits during any regular session of fall, spring semester and may register for a maximum of six credits in the January Interim semester, no exceptions. In summer there is no credit plateau for graduate students, a student is still limited to a maximum of 15 graduate credits in summer and pays tuition/fees per each credit of enrollment.

 A student who wants to enroll in more than 15 credits in fall, spring or summer must obtain written approval in advance from their faculty or academic adviser, using the credit overload petition before the first day of classes. Once approved, course(s) enrollment can be completed. Additional tuition and fees will apply. No overload petitions are accepted for the January semester.

Minimum Credit Load

A specific minimum number of credits (excluding audit credits) that a student must carry to be eligible for certain programs and benefits for financial aid or veteran’s benefits.