Academic Standing

All students are expected to maintain certain standards of academic achievement while enrolled at the University. The University is concerned about students whose academic achievements indicate that they are not meeting the expectations of their instructors, or who are experiencing other problems that may be interfering with their studies.

  • A 3.0 or better end-of-term cumulative GPA results in continuing Good Standing.
  • A 2.0 to 2.999 end-of-term cumulative GPA results in Academic Probation status.
  • A 1.999 or less end-of-term cumulative GPA results in Academic Suspension status. 

Action on part-time students is withheld until at least nine credits are attempted at UW-Green Bay.

If a student is provisionally admitted with a low undergraduate GPA, that student must complete the first 9 graduate credits at UWGB with a minimum GPA of 3.0. If the student fails to meet this provision, they will be suspended. 

Moving from Probation to Good Standing or Suspension

  • A student on Probation who earns a 3.0 or better end-of-term cumulative GPA returns to Good Standing.
  • A student on Probation carrying a 2.999 or less end-of-term cumulative GPA after attempting a cumulative total of 15 or more credits at UW-Green Bay has academic Suspension status.

Suspension Review Process

  • At the time a student earns academic Suspension, a graduate committee identified by each program reviews the student’s record up to that time and recommends for Continued Enrollment or for academic Suspension status to take effect.  For thesis/dissertation-based programs, the review committee must consist of the student’s graduate committee plus the program chair.  In situations in which a student-specific graduate committee does not exist, then the program must form a committee consisting of the program chair, the student’s advisor, and a minimum of one additional member from the programs executive committee.  All committees must contain a minimum of three faculty.

Appeals Process

Students seeking to appeal their Academic Suspension are required to submit an online Suspension Petition Form by the deadline indicated on their formal Academic Suspension Letter.  Suspension Petition Forms are available online from the Office of Graduate Studies website.  Student appeals are reviewed by their graduate academic program.  If a petition is denied, students have the right of one final appeal to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies.  All decisions by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies are final.

Readmission Following Academic Suspension

The period of the first Academic Suspension is no less than one regular semester (fall or spring term). A student seeking readmission to the University after the expiration of the Academic Suspension must submit a formal application for admission through the Office of Graduate Studies. Readmission is not guaranteed. A written request for readmission must be included within the application Statement of Intent. A student who is readmitted after Academic Suspension will be placed on suspension waiver. If a student subsequently fails to regain good academic standing after re-admittance, a second suspension will be incurred. The second suspension shall be for a period of no less than two regular semesters (fall or spring terms).