Dissertation/Thesis/Capstone/Professional Project Course Enrollment

Students must complete a culminating project, such as a Dissertation, Thesis, Capstone, or Professional Project course in order to be awarded a graduate degree.  Once the student enrolls in this course the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay requires continuous enrollment until its completion. 

While a student may complete the course in the semester in which they initially enroll, it is anticipated that most student will take one to three semesters to complete the work associated with the course.  Should the student complete the course in the semester of enrollment, a grade will be awarded and the student permitted to graduate.  For students who take additional semesters they will receive a grade of “PR” which indicates work “In Progress”; students enrolled in collaborative graduate programs should confirm this practice with their chair.  Further, the student will be required to either enroll in GRADUATE 693 for zero credit each semester they continue work on the final course, or enroll for additional Thesis/Capstone level course credit, or other graduate course credit.  There will be a $200 fee charged for GRADUATE 693 each semester.

The courses designated as Dissertation/Thesis/Capstone/Professional Project courses in each graduate degree program are: