Grading Policy

Final Grades

Final grades are posted to the student’s transcript and may be accessed via the Student Information System (SIS).


Every student receives a grade from the instructor of a course at the end of a semester or session. Instructors must enter grades on the course roster in SIS for processing by the Registrar’s Office no later than seven calendar days after the final examination or last date of that individual course. If an instructor finds they have made a grade error or missed entering a grade, the faculty member can complete a grade change in SIS, using the grading access they are provided, up through the end of the subsequent semester. Please contact the Registrar's office with any grading issues or questions as needed.

*Failure to add grades in a timely manner delays processing of academic standing, conducting satisfactory academic progress assessment, degree conferral, issuing diplomas and/or transcript documents, reporting of accurate enrollment and degree data to various entities for compliance and can prevent students from registering for subsequent courses.

Grade Changes

Missing (N) grades must be updated and submitted via SIS, for permanent change to the student’s academic record no later than the last day of classes in the following semester.

Incomplete (I) grades, faculty must submit an incomplete grade form to the Registrar's office documenting outstanding course work, deadline for completion. This grade change should be made no later than the last day of classes in the following semester. If the student does not meet the deadline identified, the grade will lapse to an F = fail grade for that semester.

Grade Changes AFTER two semesters

Grade changes considered after one subsequent semester must be requested to and approved by the College Dean from the faculty member. The approval should include student name, semester, course taken, new grade to the Registrar's office for an update to be made to the academic record. Grade change requests will not be accepted without Dean approval.

Grade Appeals

Any student who is dissatisfied and wishes to appeal a particular course grade, must first contact the instructor who issued the grade. If the student is still dissatisfied, he or she may appeal further to the department chair. The chairperson, in turn, consults with the course instructor. If a student wishes to appeal further, he or she should contact the appropriate academic dean who will consult with the instructor and the appropriate chairperson.

A faculty member may change the grade after appeal and can do so in SIS up through the end of the subsequent semester.

Other Grade Options

Pass/No Credit Enrollment (P/NC grade)

  • For Pass/No Credit enrollment, no letter grade or grade points are earned. Credits taken for pass/no credit grade option may not satisfy certain academic requirements.
  • P/NC grading option is requested using the Change Grading Basis form, this must be approved by faculty instructor.
  • P/NC grading option is not reversible after add/drop date of the course.1. Electives may be taken on a P/NC basis.
  • For Pass/No Credit, grades of A, AB, B, BC, or C, are designated “pass.” Grades of CD, D, F or WF are designated as NC or “no credit.” An NC does not affect grade point average, nor does it add to earned credits.
  • Students considering applying for graduate or professional schools or transferring to another undergraduate campus should keep in mind that P/NC grading may have an adverse effect on admission. Graduate and professional schools generally prefer letter grades because such grades enable them to better judge potential for academic success. This grading option is not reversible after enrollment.

Audit Enrollment (U/S grade)

  • A student may not enroll as an auditor for any graduate-level course.