Undergraduates Seeking Enrollment in Undergraduate-Graduate Accelerated Programs

This policy is intended to establish guidelines by which graduate-level students can enroll in undergraduate courses and undergraduate-level students can enroll in graduate courses. It is not intended to replace any other policies or procedures regarding the taking of classes, tuition, and segregated fees.

  • Interested undergraduate students must receive official acceptance into a desired program’s accelerated-undergraduate student emphasis.

  • Admitted students enroll at the graduate level in select graduate courses. Admitted accelerated students are eligible to enroll in up to a maximum of 12 graduate credits prior to obtaining their Bachelor’s degree, although individual programs may allow fewer.

  • Accelerated undergraduate students pay tuition at the undergraduate rate, as these credits apply directly to their undergraduate major.

  • Accelerated students graduate with an undergraduate major.

  • Following graduation, students can request formal admission into relevant campus graduate programs, applying no more than 12 graduate credits into the partnering graduate program of study, although individual programs may accept fewer credits.

  • Graduate students adhere to all graduate student expectations and pay full graduate tuition rates.