2019-2020 Graduate Catalog Academic Catalog

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Applying to Graduate

Students who are close to completing their degree should apply to graduate the semester before they plan to finish.

The suggested timeline to follow is:

  • May 1 for Fall or January semester graduation

  • December 1 for Spring semester graduation

  • February 1 for Summer semester graduation.

Students should use the Apply for Graduation drop-down link in the Student Information System (SIS) to apply for the degree to be conferred. 

The commencement ceremony signup is a separate step, which can be completed by clicking on the link found at the end of the online Graduation Application form.  If you miss this step initially, simply go back to SIS later and use the Edit Commencement Info drop-down link to complete the appropriate fields.

Students may walk in one of two ceremonies.

  • December (for fall or January graduates who complete courses in December or in January)
  • May (for spring or summer graduates who complete courses in May for spring, or any session in June, July or August in summer).


The degree awarded and reflected on the diploma will be a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.), Master of Athletic Training (M.A.T.), Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Science inNursing (M.S.N.), or Master of Social Work (M.S.W.). The area of study for either degree is reflected on the academic transcript including Applied Leadership for Teaching & Learning, Applied Biotechnology, Athletic Training, Business Administration, Data Science, Environmental Science and Policy, First Nations Education, Health and Wellness Management, Management, Nursing Leadership and Management, Social Work, or Sustainable Management

  • Degrees are posted to a record (academic transcript) as soon as all grades are awarded, the culminating graduate experience is finished and all degree requirements are completed.
  • Diplomas are printed and mailed approximately four to six weeks after the official semester ends.

Credits Required

A minimum of 30-61 credits, depending upon the chosen program, are required for completion of a UW-Green Bay graduate degree.

Culminating Graduate Experience

Students must complete a Thesis/Capstone level course in order to be awarded a Graduate Degree.  Once the student enrolls in this course the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay requires continuous enrollment until it’s completion.  Details on specific courses for each program are provided within the Graduate Catalog under Courses and Related Policies.


  • All courses and assigned studies are graded on a 4.0 scale. A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 is required to earn the Ed.D. or M.S. degree.
  • Thesis credits are given a grade of either “P” or “NC.” In a student’s final semester, a grade of “PR” can be assigned at the time grades are due if the student has not completed the thesis defense by the end of the semester. This grade is replaced with either a “P” or “NC” grade when the student completes the defense. A passing grade (P) must be achieved in order to graduate.
  • Students are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0. Students who fail to maintain this average are subject to probation and or suspension as specified in the Graduate Academic Rules and Regulations.

Honors designations are not awarded at the Graduate level.

Time Limit

  • Matriculated graduate students must complete all requirements for their graduate degree within five years and with continuous enrollment.
  • This time period begins with the first day of the first term of enrollment as a graduate degree-seeking student.