Social Work

(Bachelor of Social Work)

Social work is an exciting and dynamic profession. The major in Social Work, leading to the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree, prepares a graduate for a career as a social worker working with a broad range of individuals, families, organizations, and communities. Graduates of the UW-Green Bay Social Work Professional Program secure positions in programs serving populations that include older adults, children and their families, persons challenged by developmental and other disabilities, juvenile and adult offenders, persons experiencing mental or physical health issues, and other groups identified in this ever-evolving field. Social workers provide direct service and work for social justice through advocacy and, for example, social policy development and change.

The Social Work Professional Program has full accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education. The BSW degree from UW-Green Bay allows the graduate to obtain state certification and provides a broad range of employment opportunities.

Majors may elect to enroll in the child welfare emphasis, preparing for a career in child welfare practice. Students who have an interest in a career in public or tribal child welfare can apply for a stipend through The Child Welfare Education Program.

Majors may elect to enroll in the substance abuse emphasis, preparing for a career in working in the substance abuse field or within behavioral health.       

A Bachelor of Social Work degree provides advanced status for students seeking a Master’s Degree in Social Work.

Program Entry Requirements

Students who wish to major in Social Work must make formal application for admission to the program. This applies to those transferring from other institutions as well as students continuing at UW-Green Bay. Students may apply to the Social Work program at the March application date for fall admission. Application materials are available from the UW-Green Bay Social Work website.

To apply to the BSW degree program, students must first be admitted to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. They must have completed at least 27 credits before applying, and 48 credits before beginning the Social Work program. These credits must include at least four supporting courses for the major, with an overall cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5. Applicants must also have demonstrated an interest in the profession by volunteering in the field or through relevant employment, as indicated by the letter of reference and the essay accompanying their application. 

Prospective Social Work majors should seek early advising from Social Work faculty by contacting the Social Work office, 920-465-2049, to schedule an appointment.

Major Area of Emphasis

Students must complete requirements in one of the following areas of emphasis:

  • Social Work Child Welfare Emphasis
  • Social Work General Emphasis
  • Social Work Substance Abuse Emphasis


Sherry Warren; Assistant Profesor; Ph.D., University of Kansas*

Tohoro F Akakpo; Associate Professor; Ph.D., Michigan State University*

Joan M Groessl; Associate Professor; Ph.D., Marian University, chair*

Stephanie Rhee; Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Kentucky*

Jolanda M Sallmann; Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison*

Cary Waubanascum; Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Minnesota*

Sara Greenwood; Lecturer; M.S.W., University of Michigan*

Heather Lawrence; Lecturer; M.S.W., University of Wisconsin - Green Bay*

Jennifer Schanen-Materi; Lecturer; M.S.W., University of Wisconsin - Green Bay*

Nicole Schneider; Lecturer; Ph.D., Brandeis University*

Sheng Lee Yang; Lecturer; M.S.W., University of Wisconsin - Madison*