International Business

This collaborative program between the Cofrin School of Business and the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences prepares students for successful careers into today’s global economy. The program provides foundational understanding in business and economics, coupled with advanced skills development in language proficiency, cultural competency, and international business and economics. The minor in International Business differentiates students among their peers, and provides a gateway into an exciting professional career.


In addition to coursework, students need to complete two requirements:

1.       Two (2) years of college-level language courses or equivalent competency in a language other than English. See Chair of Modern Languages for approval.

2.       International internship or participation in a study abroad program with a Business focus. See faculty adviser for approval. 

Supporting Courses6
Macro Economic Analysis
Micro Economic Analysis
Upper-Level Courses13
Principles of Financial Accounting
Corporation Finance
Organizational Behavior
Principles of Marketing
International Courses6
Choose one of the following courses:
International Economics and Finance
International Financial Management
International Marketing
Choose one of the following courses:
Business French
Business German
Globalization and Cultural Conflict
Latin America Today
The Cultures of the Americas
Spain Today
The Cultures of Spain
Total Credits25


Gaurav Bansal; Professor; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee*

David N Coury; Professor; Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Cristina M Ortiz; Professor; Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Hernan Fernandez-Meardi; Associate Professor; Ph.D., Universite de Montreal (Canada)

Amulya Gurtu; Associate Professor; Ph.D., Ryerson University

Jae Hoon Choi; Assistant Professor; PH.D., University of Colorado

Matthew Geimer; Lecturer; J.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison

Praneet Tiwari; Lecturer; M.S., University of North Texas