Graphic Design


Supporting Courses15
Introductory Drawing
Three Dimensional Design
Two-Dimensional Design
Graphic Design Studio I
Choose one
Environmental Design Studio I
Introduction to Painting
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Printmaking
History and Theory9
Art History
Modern Art
Modern American Culture
History of Photography
Introduction to Design and Culture
Fundamentals of Public Address
Introduction to Computing & Internet Technologies
Upper Level Design Studio15
Graphic Design Studio II
Graphic Design Studio III
Advanced Studio
Design Arts Publication Workshop
Professional Practice Capstone
any 300-level Art or Design course
any 400-level Art or Design course


Jeffrey A Benzow; Associate Professor; M.F.A., University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, chair

Abbey Kleinert; Assistant Professor; M.F.A., University of Minnesota

Addie M Sorbo; Associate Teaching Professor; B.A., University of Wisconsin - Green Bay