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Writing Emphasis

Writing Emphasis courses provide students with the opportunity to practice and improve their writing skills across the curriculum.  Associate degree students must complete two writing emphasis courses.  Bachelor degree students must complete four writing emphasis courses, at least two of these courses must be at the upper level.  Courses taken to fulfill the Writing Emphasis may also be used, simultaneously, to fulfill any other requirements, including general education breadth requirements and requirements in the major, minor, or certificate programs.

Learning Outcomes for Writing Emphasis Courses

  • Students will state important points and support them with illuminating details and examples.
  • Students will demonstrate an ability to write in clear and lucid academic prose and to properly employ academic conventions (writing style, transitions, source integration, etc.).
  • Students will demonstrate an advanced understanding of academic citation (if required by assignment).
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze logically and consistently and to draw meaningful implications.
  • Students will demonstrate a clear and strong command of English grammar with regard to correctness, sentence structuring, and proper punctuation.
Writing Emphasis
ACCTG 412Auditing Standards and Procedures4
ANTHRO 304Family, Kin, and Community3
ANTHRO 306Environmental Anthropology3
ANTHRO 320Myth, Ritual, Symbol and Religion3
ART 198First Year Seminar3
ART 344Photography III3
ART 355Intermediate Fibers/Textiles3
ART 379Women, Art and Image3
BIOLOGY 198First Year Seminar3
BIOLOGY 204Principles of Biology Lab: Organisms, Ecology, and Evolution1
BIOLOGY 304Genetics Laboratory1
BIOLOGY 308Cell Biology Laboratory1
BIOLOGY 311Plant Physiology4
BIOLOGY 340Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates4
BIOLOGY 402Advanced Microbiology4
BIOLOGY 410Developmental Biology3
BIOLOGY 411Developmental Biology Laboratory1
CHEM 198First Year Seminar3
CHEM 322Thermodynamics and Kinetics Laboratory1
CHEM 323Structure of Matter Laboratory1
COMM 185Business and Media Writing3
COMM 198First Year Seminar3
COMM 290Communication Problems and Research Methods3
COMM 301How to Create Great Social Media Content3
COMM 302News Reporting and Writing3
COMM 308Information Technologies3
COMM 309Mass Media Advertising3
COMM 333Persuasion and Argumentation3
COMM 336Theories of the Interview3
COMM 375Communication Skills: Language of Metaphor3
COMM 390Sports Writing, Promotion, and Public Relations3
COMM 440Service Learning in Conflict Resolution3
COMM 445Human Communication Theory3
COMM SCI 198First Year Seminar3
COMP SCI 353Computer Architecture and Organization3
COMP SCI 358Data Communication and Computer Networks3
COMP SCI 372Software Engineering3
COMP SCI 490Capstone Essay in Computer Science3
COMP SCI 497Internship1-12
DJS 198First Year Seminar3
DJS 241Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies3
DJS 348Gender and the Law3
DJS 353The U.S. and the World3
DJS 361Historical Perspectives on American Democracy3
DJS 362Power and Change in America3
DJS 461Social and Political Criticism3
DJS 470Senior Seminar in Democracy and Justice Studies3
ECON 305/PU EN AF 305Natural Resources Economic Policy3
ECON 310Introduction to Econometrics3
ECON 340Economics of Land Use3
ECON 342Community Economic Development3
ECON 342Community Economic Development3
ECON 402Environmental and Resource Economics3
ECON 403International Economics3
EDUC 198First Year Seminar3
EDUC 206Cultural Images in Materials for Children and Adolescents3
EDUC 307Teaching Reading in the Elementary and Middle Schools3
EDUC 309Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary and Middle Schools3
EDUC 319Adolescent Literature in Middle and Secondary School Reading3
EDUC 352Social and Family Influences on Development and Learning3
EDUC 361Introduction to the Art and Science of Teaching3
EDUC 422Reading in the Content Areas3
EDUC 441Infants & Toddlers: History, Philosophy & Current Programs3
EDUC 452Principles of Middle Level Education3
ENGLISH 104Introduction to Literature3
ENGLISH 206Women in Literature3
ENGLISH 212Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENGLISH 214Introduction to English Literature I3
ENGLISH 216Introduction to American Literature I3
ENGLISH 217Introduction to American Literature II3
ENGLISH 218World Literatures3
ENGLISH 219World Literatures II3
ENGLISH 264Topics in Literature3
ENGLISH 290Literary Studies3
ENGLISH 301Intermediate Creative Writing3
ENGLISH 302Short Fiction Writing Workshop3
ENGLISH 304Creative Nonfiction Writing3
ENGLISH 310Topics in Game Writing3
ENGLISH 312Topics in Creative Writing3
ENGLISH 315The British Novel3
ENGLISH 316The English Novel: 1850's to the Present3
ENGLISH 320Major Drama3
ENGLISH 322Major Poetry3
ENGLISH 323Topics in Literary Criticism3
ENGLISH 331Major American Prose Fiction3
ENGLISH 333Literary Themes3
ENGLISH 335Literary Eras3
ENGLISH 336American Ethnic Literature3
ENGLISH 338World Literatures3
ENGLISH 340History of the English Language3
ENGLISH 345LGBTQ Literature3
ENGLISH 364Literary Topics3
ENGLISH 400English Capstone3
ENGLISH 431Shakespeare3
ENGLISH 436Major Author(s)3
ENGR 198First Year Seminar3
ENGR 213Mechanics I3
ENTRP 481Small Business Management & Family Entrepreneurship3
ENV SCI 198First Year Seminar3
ENV SCI 302Principles of Ecology4
ENV SCI 330Hydrology3
ENV SCI 339Scientific Writing3
ENV SCI 460Resource Management Strategy3
ENV SCI 467Capstone in Environmental Science4
ENV SCI 469Conservation Biology4
ET 330Hydrology3
ET 360Project Management3
ET 400Co-op/Internship in Engineering Technology3
ET 410Capstone Project3
FIN 415Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning3
FIN 442Principles of Investment3
FNS 198First Year Seminar3
FNS 226Introduction to First Nations Studies: Social Justice3
FNS 336American Ethnic Literature3
FRENCH 325Advanced French Conversation and Composition3
GEOG 370Geography of South America3
GEOG 470Glacial Geology & Landscapes3
GEOSCI 198First Year Seminar3
GEOSCI 203Earth System History3
GEOSCI 470Glacial Geology & Landscapes3
GEOSCI 492Special Topics in Geoscience1-4
GERMAN 325Advanced German Conversation and Composition3
GERMAN 357German Cinema3
HIMT 420Healthcare Systems: Project Management3
HISTORY 220American Environmental History3
HISTORY 301The Middle Ages3
HISTORY 302Problems in American Thought3
HISTORY 309United States Immigration History3
HISTORY 310American Colonial History3
HISTORY 312The Early American Republic3
HISTORY 332Europe in the 19th Century3
HISTORY 333Europe in the 20th Century3
HISTORY 353The U.S. and the World3
HISTORY 370History of Sexuality in the U.S.3
HISTORY 402America in the Twentieth Century3
HISTORY 421Topics in Medieval History3
HISTORY 422Topics in Early Modern European History3
HISTORY 423Topics in Modern European History3
HISTORY 480Seminar in History3
HRM 460Employee Development3
HRM 466Employment Law3
HUM BIOL 198First Year Seminar3
HUM BIOL 202Ethnic Minorities in Science3
HUM BIOL 205Biotechnology and Human Values3
HUM BIOL 310Human Genetics3
HUM BIOL 331Science and Religion: Spirit of Inquiry3
HUM BIOL 360Exercise Physiology3
HUM BIOL 361Human Physiology Lab - Exercise and Metabolism1
HUM BIOL 403Human Physiology Laboratory1
HUM BIOL 405Biotechnology and Ethics3
HUM BIOL 422Immunology3
HUM BIOL 444Endocrinology3
HUM DEV 336Gender Development Across the Lifespan3
HUM DEV 424The Development of Creative and Critical Thinking3
HUM DEV 494Capstone3
HUM STUD 160Introduction to Language3
HUM STUD 198First Year Seminar3
HUM STUD 210Film and Society3
HUM STUD 213Ethnic Diversity and Human Values3
HUM STUD 319Second Language Acquisition & Assessment3
HUM STUD 321Sociolinguistics3
HUM STUD 333Utopia and Dystopia3
HUM STUD 334The Ancient World3
HUM STUD 335The Medieval World3
HUM STUD 336The Renaissance3
HUM STUD 337The Age of Reason3
HUM STUD 351Interdisciplinary Themes in Humanities3
HUM STUD 352Literatures in Translation3
HUM STUD 357German Cinema3
HUM STUD 360Globalization and Cultural Conflict3
HUM STUD 375Humanities, Business and Critical Thinking3
HUM STUD 382Romanticism to Modernism3
HUM STUD 383Contemporary Cultural Issues3
HUM STUD 384Topics in World Cultures3
INFO SCI 198First Year Seminar3
INFO SCI 201Information, Computers and Society3
INFO SCI 308Information Technologies3
INFO SCI 341Survey of Gaming and Interactive Media3
MATH 314Proofs in Number Theory and Topology3
MATH 329Applied Regression Analysis4
MGMT 472Leadership Development3
MKTG 327Selling and Sales Management3
MKTG 421International Marketing3
MKTG 428Consumer Behavior3
MUSIC 198First Year Seminar3
MUSIC 353Music History I3
MUSIC 423Seminar in Music Literature3
NURSING 407Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice3
NURSING 490Synthesis for Nursing Practice3
NUT SCI 198First Year Seminar3
NUT SCI 421Community Nutrition4
ORG LEAD 198Introduction to Leadership3
ORG LEAD 300Integrative Leadership Seminar II3
ORG LEAD 348Organizational Behavior Across Sectors3
ORG LEAD 400Organizational Leadership Capstone3
PHILOS 208Biomedical Ethics3
PHILOS 308Philosophy and the Sciences3
PHILOS 324Contemporary Philosophy3
PHILOS 351Happiness and the Good Life3
PHILOS 420Metaphysics3
PHYSICS 198First Year Seminar3
POL SCI 198First Year Seminar3
POL SCI 301Environmental Politics and Policy3
POL SCI 306Regulatory Policy and Administration3
POL SCI 310The American Presidency3
POL SCI 316Congress: Politics and Policy3
POL SCI 318Political Behavior3
POL SCI 340Political Theory3
POL SCI 408Public Policy Analysis3
PSYCH 198First Year Seminar3
PSYCH 300Research Methods in Psychology4
PSYCH 344Dying, Death, and Loss3
PSYCH 401Psychology of Women and Gender3
PSYCH 443Spirituality and Development3
PSYCH 494Capstone in Psychology3
PU EN AF 198First Year Seminar3
PU EN AF 301Environmental Politics and Policy3
PU EN AF 306Regulatory Policy and Administration3
PU EN AF 315Public and Non-Profit Management3
PU EN AF 322Environmental Planning3
PU EN AF 323Sustainable Land Use3
PU EN AF 344Leadership in Organizations3
PU EN AF 351Water Resources Policy and Management3
PU EN AF 378Environmental Law3
PU EN AF 402Environmental and Resource Economics3
PU EN AF 408Public Policy Analysis3
SCM 384Supply Chain Management3
SOC WORK 198First Year Seminar3
SOC WORK 305The Social Work Profession3
SOC WORK 411Social Work Methods II3
SOCIOL 310Urban Sociology3
SPANISH 198First Year Seminar3
SPANISH 225Composition and Conversation I3
SPANISH 226Composition and Conversation II3
SPANISH 329Representative Spanish and Latin American Authors3
SPANISH 355Spanish and Latin American Cinema3
SPANISH 465Special Topics3
THEATRE 198First Year Seminar3
THEATRE 200Script Analysis3
THEATRE 211World Theatre and Performance3
THEATRE 250Dramaturgy I (Theatre Theory & Research Methods)3
THEATRE 302Playwriting I3
THEATRE 309Theatre History I:Greek to Elizabethan3
THEATRE 310Theatre History II: 17th Century to Realism3
THEATRE 311Theatre History III: 20th Century and Contemporary3
THEATRE 402Playwriting II (the Long Play)3
THEATRE 410Playwrights Workshop3
THEATRE 415Contemporary Playwriting Methods3
THEATRE 450Dramaturgy II (Theatre Theory in Practice)3
UR RE ST 198First Year Seminar3
UR RE ST 310Urban Sociology3
UR RE ST 313The City Through Time and Space3
UR RE ST 324Latino Communities in the United States3
UR RE ST 342Community Economic Development3
UR RE ST 370Geography of South America
UR RE ST 412Urban Planning3
WF 105Research and Rhetoric3
WF 198First Year Seminar3
WF 200Professional Writing for Business Majors3
WOST 198First Year Seminar3
WOST 205Women in Literature3
WOST 241Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies3
WOST 336Gender Development Across the Lifespan3
WOST 338World Literatures3
WOST 348Gender and the Law3
WOST 370History of Sexuality in the U.S.3
WOST 379Women, Art and Image3
WOST 401Psychology of Women and Gender3