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ENGLISH 340. History of the English Language. 3 Credits.

The origins, development, and cultural background of pronunciation and spelling, grammar, vocabulary, meaning and usage in Old, Middle, and Modern English, including contemporary English dialects.
P: none; REC: Hum Stud 160.
Spring Odd.

Teaching English as a Second Language

Certificate Program The certificate of completion in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) is offered under the auspices of the Humanities program as an 18-credit program of study. It is designed for students who want to teach in situations that do not require Wisconsin public school teacher licensure, such as teaching English overseas or in adult literacy programs or tutorial programs sponsored by community service organizations or private companies. It can be a useful complement to training in other areas such as community and regional development, science and technology, or international business — wherever English is an important access language or a medium for training or cross-cultural communication. This certificate is not equivalent to a professional licensure program for teaching in public elementary or secondary schools in Wisconsin.  It can, however, be a first step toward obtaining that qualification. UW-Green Bay does offer professional licensure in English as a Second Language that is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. A full description of the ESL teacher licensure program and requirements at UW-Green Bay is available from the professional program in Education. To be eligible for the TESL certificate of completion program, students must either be candidates for a B.A. or B.S. degree or have already completed such a degree. Requirements for the Certificate Course List Code Title Credits Required Courses 15 EDUC 315 Teaching English as a Second Language HUM STUD 160 Introduction to Language HUM STUD 319 Second Language Acquisition & Assessment HUM STUD 321 Sociolinguistics HUM STUD 497 Internship Choose one elective from the following: 3 COMM 322 Modern Linguistics ENGLISH 340 History of the English Language HUM STUD 318 Topics in Linguistics/TESL HUM STUD 320 Language and Identity Total Credits 18