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Capstone Requirement

Capstone - complete one course

  • Capstone courses are taken in the last semester as part of the Bachelor degree completion requirements at UW Green Bay. The capstone course is not waived for students entering with an earned block of credit, articulation agreement or for earning a prior degree.
  • Honors in the Major courses approved as Capstone courses have additional requirements to enroll into the course, once the course is completed, additional review is done to award Distinction in the Major Honors when a degree is conferred.

Learning Outcomes

  • This could be either a classroom seminar experience or another integrative/culminating experience such as an internship/field experience/honors project that again addresses the campus’ interdisciplinary perspective and also has a problem focus. By its very nature, the experience will also have an important communication element. They will all address:
    • Interdisciplinarity
    • Problem-focused
    • Communication
ART 402Advanced Drawing3
ART 410Advanced Painting3
ART 421Advanced Sculpture3
ART 431Advanced Ceramics3
ART 443Advanced Problems in Photography3
ART 453Advanced Fibers/Textiles3
ART 463Advanced Jewelry/Metals3
ARTS MGT 455Practicum in Arts Management3
ARTS MGT 497Internship1-12
BIOLOGY 402Advanced Microbiology4
BIOLOGY 490Biology Seminar1
CHEM 331Biochemistry Laboratory1
CHEM 413Instrumental Analysis4
COMM 477Social Media Strategies3
COMM 478Honors in the Major3
COMP SCI 372Software Engineering3
COMP SCI 474Game Engines3
COMP SCI 478Honors in the Major3
COMP SCI 490Capstone Essay in Computer Science3
DESIGN 431Graphic Design Studio III3
DJS 470Senior Seminar in Democracy and Justice Studies3
EDUC 405Student Teaching6-12
EDUC 452Principles of Middle Level Education3
ENGLISH 400English Capstone3
ENGR 460Senior Design3
ENV SCI/GEOG 421Geoscience Field Trip1-3
ENV SCI/ET/GEOSCI 432Hydrogeology3
ENV SCI 467Capstone in Environmental Science4
ET 400Co-op/Internship in Engineering Technology3
ET 410Capstone Project3
FNS 391First Nations Studies Capstone Seminar3
HIMT 490Capstone3
HISTORY 480Seminar in History3
HUM BIOL 331Science and Religion: Spirit of Inquiry3
HUM BIOL 361Human Physiology Lab - Exercise and Metabolism1
HUM BIOL 401Art and Science1
HUM BIOL 403Human Physiology Laboratory1
HUM BIOL 405Biotechnology and Ethics3
HUM BIOL 423Immunology Lab1
HUM DEV 494Capstone3
HUM DEV 478Honors in the Major3
HUM STUD 370Sustainability through the Humanities3
HUM STUD 400Humanities Practicum3
HUM STUD 480Humanities Seminar3
INFO SCI 410Analytics and Information Problems3
INFO SCI 478Honors in the Major3
MATH 329Applied Regression Analysis4
MATH 385Foundations of Geometry3
MGMT 482Strategic Management3
NURSING 490Synthesis for Nursing Practice3
NUT SCI 421Community Nutrition4
NUT SCI 487Nutritional Science Seminar1
ORG LEAD 400Organizational Leadership Capstone3
POL SCI 480Senior Seminar/Capstone in Political Science3
PSYCH 494Capstone in Psychology3
PU EN AF 430Seminar in Ethics and Public Action3
SOC WORK 420Social Work Methods III3
THEATRE 480Theatre Capstone Project1-3