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MGMT 482. Capstone in Business Strategy. 3 Credits.

The course focuses on the formulation, selection and implementation of business strategies through assessment of organizational performance; competitive, market and industry analysis; development of strategic positions and identification of strategic opportunities. Students practice strategic thinking for a cross section of business types from small, closely held to coprorate, publicly-held, multiple business enterprises. The concepts and ideas of the course are explored through the analysis of case studies.
P: 95-earned credits; and ACCTG 202, ECON 202 or ECON 203; MKTG 322 or ECON 303; FIN 343 or ECON 330; MGMT 389 or ECON 485; and Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, HR Management, Management, Marketing, Economics major; and a minimum GPA of 2.5
Fall and Spring.