UW-Green Bay provides degrees in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, three engineering technology majors, and solid preparation and numerous opportunities for those interested in beginning work toward other engineering degrees.. A student at UW-Green Bay can also pursue pre-professional studies with the intent of transferring into engineering programs at other institutions, with several listed below.

Required engineering courses will vary, depending on the engineering program from which a student expects to earn the degree. Generally, a student spends a minimum of two years in engineering studies at UW-Green Bay before transferring to the professional engineering school. Required coursework is typically drawn from mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering materials, engineering mechanics and other related courses, as well as liberal arts coursework in the humanities, fine arts and social sciences.

Students should expect rigorous requirements and competitive entry for engineering programs. Students should also seek early advice from the various engineering programs and UW-Green Bay’s Academic Advising Office.

UW System institutions grant engineering degrees offer courses leading to the degrees both at their home campuses and several satellite sites. The universities are:

  • UW-Madison – degrees in agricultural, biomedical, biological systems, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, geological, industrial, materials science, mechanical and nuclear engineering, and engineering mechanics.

  • UW-Milwaukee - degrees in civil/environmental engineering and mechanics, electrical, industrial and manufacturing, materials and mechanical engineering.
  • UW-Platteville – degrees in civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical, industrial, software engineering, general engineering and engineering physics.
  • UW-Stevens Point - degree in paper science and chemical engineering
  • UW-Stout - degrees in computer, mechanical, manufacturing, and plastics engineering

Advisers from engineering schools annually visit UW-Green Bay to answer questions and advise prospective students.

Suggested courses for students planning to complete engineering degrees at another institution:

Suggested Courses
ET 206Chemistry for Engineers4
ENGR 201Engineering Materials2
ENGR 213Mechanics I3
ENGR 214Mechanics II3
ENGR 220Mechanics of Materials3
ENGR 308Electrical and Electronic Circuits3
MATH 202Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4
MATH 203Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 209Multivariate Calculus4
PHYSICS 201Principles of Physics I5
PHYSICS 202Principles of Physics II5
WF 100First Year Writing3
Total Credits43