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Mathematics & Statistics

...mathematicians are those requiring physics. Today, mathematical techniques...are granted for MATH 202 . Credits for calculus...

French and Francophone Studies and technology (nuclear physics, AIDS research, automobiles...FRENCH 201 , and FRENCH 202 in addition to...

PHYSICS 202. Principles of Physics II. 4 Credits.

A calculus physics sequence for students of science and engineering. Includes fundamentals of temperature, heat transfer, thermodynamics; vibrations, waves and sound; electric forces and fields, DC and AC circuits, magnetism; atomic structure, semiconductors; and electromagnetic waves.
P: Either PHYSICS 201 with at least a C grade or ENGR 214 with at least a C grade
Fall and Spring.

GEOSCI 202. Physical Geology. 4 Credits.

Description and analysis of the geological processes that shape the earth's major internal and external features. Origins, properties and use of the earth's rock and mineral resources. Students will not receive credit for both Geosci 202 and Geosci 102.
Fall and Spring.