Associate of Arts & Sciences Degree

Minimum Requirements

Degree Credits

60 degree credits

Grade Point Average

Students must have a cumulative 2.0 grade point average on UW-Green Bay courses

General Education

36 credits of breadth (see General Education Program)

Writing Competency

0-6 credits (see Writing Competency)

Math Competency

0-3 credits (see Math Competency)

Writing Emphasis Requirement: 2 courses

All students must complete two Writing Emphasis courses.  Courses taken to fulfill the Writing Emphasis may also be used, simultaneously, to fulfill any other requirements. (see Writing Emphasis)

Area of Study

12 credits defined by an academic adviser (see Area of Study)

Lab Science

At least one science course must be completed with a laboratory (see Laboratory Science)


15 credits minimum must be earned at UW-Green Bay

AAS candidates are not eligible for graduation honors

Students should contact the Academic Advising Office as early as possible for assistance in planning their programs to assure that all degree requirements are fulfilled.