Rising Leadership

Certificate Program

To complement the Org Lead core classes, the Rising Leadership Certificate offers options for all students (not just women) to expand their understanding of issues of gender in organizations and to equip individuals with leadership aspirations with the ability to develop an inclusive workplace with special focus on gender equity.

Prior to the pandemic, the representation of women in leadership positions was growing at a slow but steady pace. While women represent half of the labor force and have eclipsed men in earning college degrees, women still hold only 25% of corporate leadership roles (McKinsey & Company, 2020). Moreover, research is beginning to show the disproportionate impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on working women. Businesses and organizations of all types face the challenge of retaining and supporting our female team members at all levels, ages and life situations--especially African American women. No one is experiencing business as usual, but women, especially mothers, senior-level women and Black women – have faced distinct challenges as indicated in McKinsey & Company's 2020 report.

To address these challenges, both ongoing and recent, organizations need to develop women as leaders by providing support and education for women at all career stages. Organizational leaders need to understand the barriers and challenges facing women and how to utilize leadership strategies to create policies and cultures that promote success of employees. Employers are looking for credentialed programs to educate and support women at many levels and in many contexts so that they can advance into top leadership positions.

The purpose of the Rising Leadership Certificate is to prepare early-career/emerging leaders with key knowledge, perspectives and skills relating to gender and equity to promote career development in the workplace. With a focus on women and gender inclusivity, it will address societal, organizational, and personal issues that enable an individual to thrive as a leader and professional. It will be offered for credit-seeking undergraduate students as well as for community members as a non-credit option.
This Certificate will augment the existing Organizational Leadership Emphasis options for students. Currently, the flexible major requires core courses in leadership (Leadership in Organizations, HR, Org Research, Org Behavior, Budgeting) coupled with choice of Emphasis composed of 4-5 courses (9 choices, currently, including Public/NP Mgt, Healthcare Mgt, Business, Communications, and more).

The Certificate has been developed by the Organizational Leadership program in collaboration with the Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWL) at UW-Green Bay, a new university-wide initiative that will offer an array of opportunities designed to develop the leadership potential of professional women in Wisconsin (and beyond). The Rising Leadership Certificate aims to serve mostly undergraduate students pursuing a degree. Many students pursuing the Organizational Leadership major can select the emphasis entitled Rising Leadership which also earns them the Certificate. Students with any other major declared can also pursue this Certificate. At the same time, community members can enroll in the five courses to obtain a stand-alone, non-credit Certificate in Rising Leadership.

Required Supporting Courses9
Sociological Perspectives on Gender
Women in Popular Culture
Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
Required Upper Level Courses6
Rising Leadership
Gender & Equity in Organizational Leadership
Total Credits15