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PU EN AF 497. Internship. 1-12 Credits.

Supervised practical experience in an organization or activity appropriate to a student's career and educational interests. Internships are supervised by faculty members and require periodic student/faculty meetings. Course is repeatable for credit.
P: jr st.
Fall and Spring.

Public Administration

(Bachelor of Science) As a broad-based, interdisciplinary, social science major, Public Administration prepares students for challenging careers in public and nonprofit organizations and, if desired, further study in graduate programs. Students develop proficiency in organizational management and leadership, nonprofit management, fundraising, public policy analysis, human resources, program evaluation, policy development and implementation and budgeting.  With a broad skill-set, graduates work in public, nonprofit, and commercial organizations in positions as program directors, policy analysts, nonprofit executives, budget specialists, governmental affairs directors in commercial businesses, and municipal leaders. Many pursue graduate studies in public administration, law, political science, nonprofit management, public policy, and public affairs. All Public Administration majors engage in high impact, problem-focused, applied learning. This major excels in internships: students can choose from a wide array of strong internship placements  in city, county and state executive offices, non-profit organizations, and emergency management settings. Students are encouraged to gain experiences through independent study, community research projects, and an other individualized work with faculty. Students majoring in Public Administration must choose an emphasis: ​Public and Nonprofit Management or Emergency Management . Students who want to focus specifically on the nonprofit sector should consider earning the free-standing Nonprofit Management Certificate . Students pursuing an Emergency Management emphasis can obtain a free-standing  ​Emergency Management Certificate , which is offered in cooperation with campus Continuing Education and Community Engagement programs. Please seek assistance from a faculty adviser in creating your own academic plan. Learning Outcomes Upon completion of a public administration major at UW-Green Bay, students will have : demonstrated an understanding of the process of public policy analysis and policy-making.   developed the ability to collect, manage, evaluate, and apply data to make decisions and solve public and nonprofit problems.   demonstrated knowledge of ethics and the importance of their application to everyday decision-making in public and nonprofit organizations and public affairs.   demonstrated social responsibility in public service and other intentional engagement in the community.   demonstrated core skills of public and nonprofit management including leadership, collaboration, financial management, program evaluation, and human resource management.   applied approaches to collaborating productively with diverse individuals and groups to promote effective communities, organizations, programs, and policies.  Considering a Double Major or a Major and a Minor? Many Public Administration students choose to complete double majors in Political Science, Environmental Policy and Planning, Organizational Leadership or Urban Studies. A second major complements the Public Administration curriculum and makes students stronger candidates when seeking careers or entry into graduate programs.  A minor in Public Administration fits well with majors in Political Science, Economics, Communication, Environmental Policy and Planning, Urban Studies, Democracy and Justice Studies, Psychology, Social Work, and many more. Please see a faculty adviser early in your academic career for advice on these options. Students may study abroad or at other campuses in the United States through UW-Green Bay’s participation in international exchange programs and the National Student Exchange program. Travel courses are another option for obtaining academic credits and completing requirements. For more information, contact the Office of International Education at h ttp:// .  

Nonprofit Management

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