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MUSIC 102. Concert Attendance. 0 Credits.

Students develop listening skills and an appreciation for and awareness of the breadth of musical genres and repertory through attendance at music concerts. Attendance encourages the development of audience skills, aesthetic appreciation, and a sense of membership in a learning community of musicians.
P: Must be Music major or Music minor
Fall and Spring.

Music Performance Emphasis

Completion of an interdisciplinary major Course List Code Title Credits Performance Courses 14 First Semester Applied (2 credits): MUS APP 101 Keyboard Lessons 1 MUS APP 105 Voice Lessons 1 MUS APP 127 Instrumental Lessons 1 Second Semester Applied (2 credits): MUS APP 102 Keyboard Lessons 2 MUS APP 106 Voice Lessons 2 MUS APP 128 Instrumental Lessons 2 Third Semester Applied (2 credits): MUS APP 201 Keyboard Lessons 3 MUS APP 205 Voice Lessons 3 MUS APP 227 Instrumental Lessons 3 Fourth Semester Applied (2 credits): MUS APP 202 Keyboard Lessons 4 MUS APP 206 Voice Lessons 4 MUS APP 228 Instrumental Lessons 4 Lower Level Major Ensemble (4 credits): MUS ENS 241 Bands and Orchestra MUS ENS 261 University Singers MUS ENS 262 Concert Choir Upper Level Music Ensemble (2 credits): MUS ENS 342 Jazz Combo MUS ENS 343 Jazz Ensemble MUS ENS 344 Woodwind Ensemble MUS ENS 345 Brass Ensemble MUS ENS 346 Contemporary Percussion Ensemble MUS ENS 348 Collegium Musicum MUS ENS 350 New Music Ensemble MUS ENS 354 Guitar Ensemble MUS ENS 363 Chamber Singers MUS ENS 365 Vocal Jazz Ensemble MUS ENS 366 Opera Workshop MUS ENS 388 Hand Drumming Ensemble MUS ENS 441 Bands and Orchestra MUS ENS 461 University Singers MUS ENS 462 Concert Choir Supporting Courses (Complete 3 credits): 3 MUSIC 103 Music Technology Tools MUSIC 121 Survey of Western Music MUSIC 151 Music Theory I MUSIC 224 Popular Music Since 1955 MUSIC/WOST 272 Women in the Performing Arts Upper Level Courses (Complete 3 credits): 3 MUSIC 301 Music Technology Systems MUSIC 305 Diction for Singers I MUSIC 306 Diction for Singers II MUSIC 333 Basic Conducting MUSIC 353 Music History I MUSIC 354 Music History II MUSIC 362 World Music MUSIC 363 Jazz History MUSIC/THEATRE 364 Musical Theatre History Total Credits 20


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