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HISTORY 361. Ancient Rome. 3 Credits.

This course traces the development of Roman civilization from its Etruscan origins through Late Antiquity. Includes social, political, intellectual, economic, and cultural history.
P: none; REC: Hum Stud 101.
Spring Even.

History Minor

1 Students may also opt to complete HISTORY 205 or HISTORY 206 in this category. They must take one as required and the other course can be completed in lieu of this course list. 2 Students are required to take one course from Category I and one course from Category II as listed under the major.  The remaining 6 credits may be selected from any 300- or 400- level History course, or  DJS 361 or FNS 374 .

Ancient and Medieval Studies Emphasis

...category): HISTORY 360 Ancient Greece HISTORY 361 Ancient Rome HISTORY 420 Topics in Ancient History...