Environmental Science Minors

Environmental Science 

The application of scientific principles to resource management form the core of the minor. An Environmental Science minor is particularly appropriate in combination with a major in one of the sciences or Mathematics.

Supporting Courses 17
Introduction to Environmental Sciences
Introductory Statistics
Upper-Level Courses12
Environmental Sustainability
Resource Management Strategy
Elective Courses (choose 9 additional credits; no more than 6 credits from ENV SCI 497, 498, 499):
any 300-level ENV SCI course
any 400-level ENV SCI course
Regional Climatology
Stable Isotopes in the Environment
Total Credits19
Supporting Courses6
Choose 6 credits:
Introduction to Environmental Sciences
Energy and Society
World Regions and Concepts: A Geographic Analysis
Environmental Ethics
Environment and Society
Upper Level Courses15
Environmental Courses - Choose 6 credits:
Environmental Sustainability
Global Climate Change
Global Environmental Politics and Policy
International Courses - Choose 6 credits:
France Today
Le Monde Francophone
Deutsche Kultur und Landeskunde
German Culture
The Cultures of Spain
Latin America Today
A 3 credit international Internship or a Study Abroad experience 1
Total Credits21