2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog Academic Catalog

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Special Students


(Students Not Seeking Degrees)

Students who want to take selected courses for credit but do not have the immediate intention of earning a degree at UW-Green Bay may enroll as special students. A special student is identified as a nonmatriculated student but may earn regular credit, which is permanently recorded for possible future use. Special students should be prudent in course selections and the number of credits accumulated. For example, an excessive number of electives may not apply to degree requirements if the student decides to change to degree-seeking status in the future. Certain opportunities, such as financial aid, for which degree-seeking students may be eligible, are not available to special students. Special students are subject to all normal academic regulations and Regent policies.

Normally, a student must have graduated from high school at least two years prior to the semester for which he or she is seeking special student admission. Exceptions are described in the categories below.

A student who has been, or who is likely to be, denied degree-seeking status for a given semester at UW-Green Bay may not enroll as a special student for that semester, and will be subject to review by the Admissions Review Committee when applying for subsequent semesters. Also, a student not in good standing at another college may be denied special student status at UW-Green Bay.

Special Student Categories


Students who have not previously earned a baccalaureate degree and are not currently pursuing a degree at UW-Green Bay, are classified as specials, subject to the admission standards mentioned above.

Post Baccalaureate or Graduate Special

These are students who have already earned a baccalaureate degree (or higher) and are enrolled in undergraduate-level or graduate-level coursework but are not pursuing a degree at UW-Green Bay.

High School Special

Superior high school students may enroll for UW-Green Bay coursework while attending high school or during the summer.

High school specials must normally be seniors or juniors in high school and must demonstrate readiness for college-level work. Enrollment in UW-Green Bay courses requires the approval of the high school.

Summer/Winterim Session Only

Students enrolled at another college or university and current-year high school graduates who have been admitted to another college or university for the fall session may apply for Summer or Winterim Session Only admission. Such admission carries no commitment for permission to register for the regular UW-Green Bay academic year. Students from other colleges or universities must be eligible to continue at their respective institutions and are responsible for determining if their institutions will accept credits earned at UW-Green Bay.

Application Procedures for Special Students

Nondegree-seeking students applying for admission should submit a Special Student Application, available online at apply.wisconsin.edu. (A paper version is available from the Admissions Office.) Often, the completed application is the only information required, but some situations will require the submission of additional records.

High School Special students must submit an official high school transcript in addition to the application

Early College Credit students must submit a high school transcript, as well as the UW System ECCP participation form. The form is available at https://www.uwgb.edu/eccp/application-registration-process/

No application fee is required of special students.