Writing Foundations (WF)


WF 93. Fundamentals of Writing. 3 Credits.

A course designed to prepare students for WF 100 and other courses requiring college-level writing. Emphasis on the recursive process of organizing, writing, and revising short essays. Covers basics of research and of integrating source material into the student's essays. Issues related to punctuation, grammar, and syntax handled on an individual basis as needed. Offered on a pass/no credit, non-degree-credit basis only.

WF 100. First Year Writing. 3 Credits.

Emphasis on writing as a process and on techniques used in academic writing. Also emphasizes essay structure, informative writing and persuasive writing, and locating, evaluating, integrating, and citing source material, including multimodal sources. Reviews conventions of paragraph and sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and usage as needed.
Fall and Spring.

WF 105. Research and Rhetoric. 3 Credits.

Further instruction and practice in the rhetorical techniques and types of writing covered in WF 100, but with greater emphasis on rhetorical and critical analysis; may also include elements such as original research and the conventions of writing for specific academic communities.
P: WF 100 with a C or better, or WF 164 with a C or better, or ACT English score of 25 or higher, or SAT Reading score of 32 or higher
Fall and Spring.

WF 164. First Year Writing for International Students. 3 Credits.

An introductory course in academic writing for international students. Focuses on topic development, library research, paragraph and essay organization, the writing process, and language style.
P: International student status or permission of instructor.
Fall Only.

WF 198. First Year Seminar. 3 Credits.

First Year Seminar, topics vary.
Reserved for New Incoming Freshman.

WF 200. Professional Writing for Business Majors. 3 Credits.

Professional Writing for Business Majors is a course focused on study and application of the best practices for writing in today's digital and intercultural workplace.
P: WF 100 OR WF 164, OR ACT English score of 25 or above, OR SAT Reading Test score of 32 or above
Fall and Spring.