Physical Education (PHY ED)


PHY ED 117. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. 1 Credit.

Causes and effects of respiratory, cardiac and circulatory insufficiency and arrests are explored as well as appropriate emergency care responses. Students develop resuscitation skills on adult, child and infant mannequins. American Red Cross or American Heart Association certification available.
Fall Only.

PHY ED 118. Relaxation Thru Yoga. 1 Credit.

This course is designed to allow students to participate in yoga. Various yoga routines are developed to emphasize strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and relaxation.

PHY ED 121. Personal Conditioning. 1 Credit.

Principles of exercise physiology as they relate to participation in calisthenics and exercise with light apparatus. Develops conditioning programs appropriate for life-long fitness.

PHY ED 122. Training with Weights. 1 Credit.

This course is designed to introduce the student to weight training principles, methodologies, and techniques for improving muscular strength and endurance through program design. Methods of training will include machines, free weights, and training with and without apparatus. Orientation to equipment, safety, and proper technique will be emphasized.
Fall Only.

PHY ED 137. Rhythmic Aerobics. 1 Credit.

An instructor-led group exercise program that emphasizes muscular and cardiovascular development using basic locomotor skills, simple dance steps, and rhythmic drumming activities performed to the beat of popular music. Course is not repeatable for credit.
Fall and Spring.

PHY ED 154. Tennis I. 1 Credit.

Basic skills and techniques in tennis; forehand, backhand, flat serve, volley, lob, smash, footwork, singles and doubles positioning and strategy, regular and no-add scoring, U.S.T.A. rules, care and selection of equipment.