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SCM 380. Project Management. 3 Credits.

Project management is an essential component in today's business environment, particularly in Supply Chain Management. This course covers the project management methodology recommended by the Project Management Institute, USA (PMI). It prepares students for successfully managing projects or new initiatives in organizations from inception to completion in a consistent and structured manner. This course provides standardized terms and exposes students to the knowledge area, process groups, and processes defined in the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) and used in project management worldwide. It prepares students for clearly defining the scope of a project, including budgeting and cost management, human resource planning, communication planning, stakeholder analyses, and submission of the final product/service to operations associated with a project.
P: BUSAN 130 AND (BUS ADM 220 or MATH 260 or PSYCH 205 or ORG LEAD 346)
Fall and Spring.