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Political Science

(Bachelor of Arts) Political Science is concerned with the systematic study of political behavior, governmental institutions and policy-making processes, public policies and their implementation, and political values in local, state, national, cross-national and international settings. The program acquaints students with the structure and operation of political systems; the cultural, social, economic, and ideological context of these systems; the major philosophical questions and relevance to understanding modern political phenomena; and the major methods of inquiry and analysis used in the contemporary study of politics, government and public policy. Political Science is a major often chosen by students who plan to attend law school. It is useful as well for students anticipating careers in journalism, planning, education, business, foreign service, politics, and public service positions with private and public agencies at the local, state, regional, federal, and international levels. Political Science majors have entered graduate study in political science, public administration, education, and related fields.  Many students choose complimentary minors, such as Public Administration, Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Policy and Planning, Communication, Democracy and Justice Studies, and Business Administration. Students seeking information on teacher certification should contact the Education Office.