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PSYCH 97. Math Preparation for Social Science Statistics. 1 Credit.

This course will cover the math preparation you will need to be successful in PSYCH 205 (e.g., order of operations, fractions, lines). We will pace the course so that we practice the math concepts that match up to each week¿s statistical concepts. Offered on a pass/no credit, non-degree credit basis only.
P: Concurrent enrollment in PSYCH 205
Fall and Spring.

MATH 97. Mathematics Study Skills. 1 Credit.

MATH 97 is a one credit course intended for students concurrently enrolled in MATH 99. This course will provide students with mathematics and problem-solving instruction and cover study skills strategies for succeeding in mathematics courses. Students will gain insights into how they learn mathematics through various activities and reflections. They will also receive any extra support needed so that they are successful in their MATH 99 course.
P: Concurrent enrollment in MATH 99
Fall and Spring.