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MATH 94. Elementary Algebra. 3 Credits.

Intended as a preparation for Math 101. Topics include: properties of real numbers, exponents and polynomials, simplifying variable expressions, linear equations and inequalities, factoring, graphing, and basic quadratic equations. Offered on a pass/no credit, non-degree credit basis only.
Fall and Spring.

Math Competency

Students must complete the UW-Green Bay Mathematics Competency before the completion of 60 earned and in progress credits. Students who fail to complete the Mathematics Competency by this point will have any future enrollments cancelled until proof is submitted that the competency is completed. Students who have not taken the WMPT and have not satisfactorily completed or transferred in a college-level mathematics course must enroll in MATH 94 ,  MATH 100 , BUS ADM 220 , or  PSYCH 205 depending on academic program. Students should consult with their advisor to determine the appropriate course. 

University Testing Requirements

...enroll in MATH 94 , MATH 99 , PSYCH 205 , BUS ADM 220 , or MATH 100 depending...