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HISTORY 360. Ancient Greece. 3 Credits.

This course traces the development of Ancient Greek civilization from its origins in the Ancient Near East until its conquests by Rome. Includes social, political, intellectual, economic, and cultural history.
P: none; REC: Hum Stud 101.
Fall Odd.

BIOLOGY 360. Early Life History of Fish. 3 Credits.

This course covers the early life history of freshwater, estuarine, and marine fishes from reproduction through metamorphosis. Students will extensively cover topics such as: egg and larval development, metamorphosis, larval feeding, behavior, growth, predation and starvation, and factors affecting these processes. Fish larval ecology, factors determining recruitment and sampling methods will also be covered. The course will include a laboratory section where we will study both living and fixed gonads, eggs, larvae and juveniles from selected species.
P: None. REC: BIOLOGY 341 with at least a C grade
Spring Even.