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Teaching English as a Second Language

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HISTORY 340. Topics in African American History. 3 Credits.

Each semester of the course will explore a significant topic in African American history such as the civil rights movements, Black nationalism, the African American family, alienation, and affirmation. Course is repeatable for credit if topics differ; may be taken 3 times for a total of 9 credits.
Fall Only.

ENGLISH 340. History of the English Language. 3 Credits.

The origins, development, and cultural background of pronunciation and spelling, grammar, vocabulary, meaning and usage in Old, Middle, and Modern English, including contemporary English dialects.
P: none; REC: Hum Stud 160.
Spring Odd.

THEATRE 340. Dance History. 3 Credits.

Dance History comes from a melting pot of world cultures. Origins and chronological development of dance styles and techniques from pre-historic cultures to present. Historical events, major developments, choreographic works and personalities influencing the development of each dance genre's origin, development, and presence in society today. Genres included but not limited to: folk dance, ballet, modern, jazz/tap, musical theatre, and social dance (from Ballroom to Hip Hop).
Fall Even.