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ENGR 236. Technical Writing. 3 Credits.

This course will prepare students to be competent technical writers, both for the scientific community and the general public. Students will learn how to construct well researched and organized papers and lab reports that meet proper grammar guidelines. This will include appropriate use of figures and tables in technical communications. Students will also learn how to write technical directions for assembly and use of equipment. This course meets the graduation requirement for WF 105 for Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Computer Science majors.
P: Declared major in Engineering or Engineering Technology or Computer Science AND WF 100 or WF 164 with a C or better or ACT English score of 25 or above, or SAT Reading Test score of 32 or above
Fall and Spring.

Writing Competency

...WF 105 or WF 200 1 or ENGR 236 2 (or transferred equivalent) is required...