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ECON 330. Money, Banking and Financial Markets. 3 Credits.

Analysis of money as an economic institution, the organizational structure of the commercial and central banking system, and its functioning in the U.S.; monetary theory and policy in the national and international setting. The course will also examine key financial markets such as the bond, stock, and foreign exchange markets. In addition, the course will provide an introduction to the role of other key financial institutions such as insurance companies, securities firms, and government-sponsored financial enterprises. This course has been identified as a Cofrin School of Business High Impact Practice (HIP) course. HIPs are rigorous courses that include engaging teaching methods such as regular feedback, peer and faculty interaction, structured reflection, and application of knowledge.
P: ECON 102 or ECON 202 (strongly preferred) or ECON 203, and overall GPA of 2.5 or higher
Fall and Spring.