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...240 & HUM BIOL 241 or equivalent BIOLOGY 323 & BIOLOGY 324 or equivalent Minimum 3.0...

HUM BIOL 324. The Biology of Women. 3 Credits.

This course will examine the physiology of the adult female body and will address health issues that are unique to or different in women. Emphasis will be placed on the effects of female sex hormones on multiple processes (reproductive, nervous, endocrine, and cardiovascular) in the body.
P: HUM BIOL 102 with at least a C grade or BIOLOGY 201/202 with at least a C grade

BIOLOGY 324. Principles of Microbiology Laboratory. 1 Credit.

Laboratory Course that accompanies BIOLOGY 323.
P: BIOLOGY 323 or concurrent enrollment AND CHEM 207 or concurrent enrollment
Fall and Spring.