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Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy

...traditional reference letters. A 200-300 word Statement...e.g., high school biology) or applied environmental...

Health Sciences the Human Biology, Biology and Chemistry majors...Association, there are about 200 accredited physical therapist...

Environmental Science

...course work. Courses in biology, chemistry, geoscience, mathematics...from courses at the 200-level or above...

BIOLOGY 200. Principles of Biology Discussion: Cellular and Molecular Processes. 1 Credit.

This discussion course is designed to supplement the concepts presented in BIOLOGY 201. Activities will focus on deeper exploration of the biology of organisms at the molecular and cellular level and will emphasize skills necessary for success in the introductory biology sequence.
P: Concurrent enrollment in BIOLOGY 201
Fall and Spring.

HUM BIOL 200. Professions in Human Biology. 1 Credit.

The overarching goal of the course is to empower students to achieve career goals. Students will learn how to pursue careers effectively in human biology from student mentors, professional advisors, faculty and alumni.
P: Declared Human Biology Major with freshman or sophomore status
Fall and Spring.