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ANTHRO 150. Food Culture & Identity. 3 Credits.

Food is the very core of life and one of the most culturally prescribed areas of human experience. This course will study the role of food in human history, and the biocultural construction of what is classified as food. We will examine the meaning of food across cultures with particular attention to how cultural and ethnic (e.g. Asian American, Native American) identities are associated with particular types of food. Rituals, religions and family celebrations, and secular holidays all include the deliberate preparation, serving and sharing of food (or abstinence from food). We will explore food consumption and health, the gendered dimension of food, and the social hierarchies and power relations associated with the commodification of food. Class projects are designed to connect the student to various community and ethnic groups through the study of farmer's markets, food banks, stores and restaurants. We will think about food in new and provocative ways and in the process practically apply theoretical concepts.