Theatre (THEATRE)


THEATRE 502. Playwriting I. 3 Credits.

This is the graduate level course of Playwriting I, which develops basic skills in playwriting through assigned readings, class discussions, and creative-writing assignments. Graduate students will exit the course with completed drafts of two 10-minute plays and one One-Act play (30-45mins in length). In addition to building their skills as a playwright, at the end of the semester students will select one of these projects to be presented in a staged-reading format open to the public. Additionally, Graduate students will submit their work to at least one conference, playwriting competition, and/or festival, providing evidence of their submission. Graduate students are expected to complete additional readings to supplement and contextualize the basic skills ¿ written responses to these readings are also required. Additional material may be assigned as needed to offer deeper understandings of theory, history, and practice.
Fall Only.